71-Year-Old Texas Man Killed by Seven Dogs; Owner Arrested, Sheriff’s Office Reports.

According to a statement made public by the authorities, a 71-year-old man in Texas was killed last Tuesday after being mauled to death by seven dogs while traveling to a nearby convenience store.

The terrible occurrence took place on July 18 in Fresno, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. Freddy Garcia, a native of Fresno, was attacked by a group of seven dogs while he was strolling down the street.

According to the Sheriff’s Office on Friday, Samuel Cartwright, 47, is the alleged owner of the seven pit bull hybrids.

Tuesday at around 1:30 pm, a witness called the Sheriff’s Office to report the horrifying mauling.

Garica was swiftly flown by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann to a hospital in downtown Houston following the prompt arrival of law officers. Garcia’s injuries led to his death being declared later that day.

Three of the seven dogs escaped for an unknown amount of time before being caught, while four of the seven canines were quickly apprehended.

Following an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office, Fort Bend Animal Control, and the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office, Cartwright was taken into custody. Police verified that he is currently being held on $100,000 bail and charged with a second-degree felony for a dog attack that claimed his life.

Prior to being detained, Cartwright gave a brief interview to CNN in which he claimed he did not own the dogs, that they were trespassing on his property, and that he promptly called animal control after seeing them.

There are now 20 dogs in the area. There will be 20 stray dogs running around if you take this back street, according to Cartwright. «People simply throw them away here. Wherever there is food, the dogs will follow.

Sheriff Fagan sent Garcia’s family his sympathy.

«This horrifying incident wasn’t necessary. I offer my sincere sympathies to the Garcia family and his neighbors as they come to terms with Mr. Garcia’s passing,» he stated. Special thanks are extended to our deputies, Fort Bend Animal Services Director Rene Vasquez, and Fort Bend District Attorney Brian Middleton for their cooperative efforts in seizing the dogs and effecting an arrest.

The probe is still proceeding right now.

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