Thanks to a makeover, this rescue dog can see again.

This well-cared-for dog recently underwent a physical facelift so he could appear better.

After growing up in unstable and unsafe conditions as a puppy, Reggie, an 18-month-old Shar Pei, was recently saved by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). The puppy had severe skin lesions on his back and was fully hairless on top when he was discovered. Reggie also got an infection in his eyes from the wrinkles on his face. Reggie actually required 24-hour eye care because of how bad his vision had gotten. The RSPCA’s Sussex, Brighton, and East Grinstead branches in Patcham, UK, made the decision that the best way to save his eyes was through a facelift at that point. According to a report from South West News Service on Friday, Reggie underwent surgery to remove extra skin from his face about two weeks ago.

According to the RSPCA’s deputy head of dogs, it’s common for dogs with fat facial folds to experience problems. Reggie’s breed, unfortunately, has a history of skin issues because of their extra skin, but with the therapy, he’s had, we’re hopeful that this will help prevent any skin issues in the future. Since then, the fortunate dog has recovered and is no longer on vision-related medication. For whoever is fortunate enough to adopt Reggie into their house, he is now free to live out the remainder of his days as a family dog.

Pearce told SWNS, «Reggie is such a sweetheart, amiable, and loves everyone. He isn’t used to children, so we’d prefer him to live in an adult-only home. It would also be fantastic if he could live with more seasoned owners, she added. We’re hoping the proper individual steps forward because the puppy is still young and needs to start enjoying his new life straight now.

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