Giant rabbits rescued from Ashington allotment overcrowded hutches.

Numerous enormous rabbits that were rescued from an allotment are believed to have been raised for their flesh.

On July 11, the RSPCA was called to the location in Ashington, Northumberland, where they discovered a number of crowded, filthy hutches housing 47 of the creatures. There were a few average-sized rabbits mixed in with the adult and juvenile Flemish Giants, the largest of which was the size of a Jack Russell terrier.

While permanent homes are sought, each of them is now receiving care.

«These poor bunnies were living in crowded and filthy conditions which would have been very uncomfortable for them, especially in the heat,» said RSPCA inspector Trevor Walker.

They have a lovely demeanor and will make good companion animals, so we hope they find loving homes. They were transported to a variety of centers, branches, and licensed companies, as well as some being looked after by inspectors, as many RSPCA centers were already full of unwanted rabbits.

«Unfortunately, rabbits are becoming a bigger concern as we see more and more of them coming into our care, many of them as a result of the cost-of-living problems,» he continued.


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