A dog groomer offers advice on how to keep canises safe in the heat.

Dog groomers and the RSPCA have advised keeping your dog safe in the sun as temperatures hit a record high across Wirral.

The Dog Shack at Molly’s Urban Farm is owned and operated by Nicola Forster, 39, and Francesca Wills, 28. The harsh weather conditions led them to decide to close today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday). It is too hot to groom dogs.

Nicola told the Globe: «We closed not only because it’s too hot for the dogs to get groomed, but also because it’s too hot for them to come to us. Some individuals may consider walking them or transporting them in a vehicle. We would be reckless to open them because they overheat so quickly.

Nicola suggested that a dog be kept inside, covered with a moist towel, and never given ice cubes.

«Ice cubes may be dangerous for pets, which not many people know,» she continued. Because of how their bodies function, it is severely detrimental to them. Although it would cool us off, their thermometer would malfunction.

The RSPCA Wirral has provided the following advice: «Only walk dogs in the early morning or later in the day when it is not as heated. Particular care should be taken with Brachycephalic breeds such as French bulldogs, Boston terriers, or pugs since they might overheat faster.

«Additionally, dogs’ pads can quickly catch fire on hot pavement, so check it out with your hands first. If it’s hot enough for your hands, it’s also hot enough for paws.» » A dog will get heatstroke, which can be fatal if it becomes too hot and cannot lower its body temperature via panting. Heavy perspiring, trouble breathing, excessive drooling, collapse, or vomiting are all indicators of heatstroke.»



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