How zoo animals are beating the summer heat around the country.

The summer heat is here, and zoos are struggling to keep people comfortable while also keeping the animals safe. In many parts of the US, July is typically the warmest month of the year, and heat waves are frequent during the summertime. According to specialists, depending on the species, excessive heat can put animals under a lot of stress. Numerous strategies are employed by zoos across the nation to keep the animals cool during the warmer months. In addition to air conditioning, zookeepers use water, ice, and other cool substances to assist keep visitors’ bodies cool and transform the process into an enjoyable enrichment activity for all.

Here are several zoos’ strategies for dealing with the heat.


Houston’s zookeepers claim to be closely monitoring their outside animals. According to the Houston Zoo, several animals have indoor spaces with air conditioning where they may escape the heat if the weather gets too hot. Receiving extra attention can be enjoyable and rewarding for some animals. Recently, members of the team gave their sea lions access to an additional splash area and offered them some refreshingly cold snacks.

San Antonio 

The San Antonio Zoo will have to close early from July 18 through July 22 due to the extreme heat in the Lone State. As well as possibly assisting viewers, operations are being shut down earlier than usual closing times, but there are also things going on in the background to make the animals comfortable. For many animals, popsicles are a well-liked frozen delicacy.


 Although the Phoenix Zoo claims to take heat seriously, many of its species actually originate from habitats where temperatures are often just as high as those in Arizona throughout the year. All of the habitats for large animals feature pools in addition to shaded spaces, and also offer frozen treats that can be made of blood or even fish, if the animal so chooses, just like many other zoos.

Some animals like simply an ordinary house filled with water, and according to the zoo, their pigs and tortoises even enjoy a thick covering of dirt. According to legend, the mud helps the species control body temperatures, making them feel cooler on hot days.


Animals are also suffering from the intense heat in several areas of Europe.

A heat wave is causing temperatures in Spain, Portugal, France, and the United Kingdom to exceed 100 degrees.

Zookeepers are utilizing some frozen treats to try to keep the animals happy due to the weather.

Recently, handcrafted popsicles with snacks were distributed to a range of animals at the zoo in Madrid, including Bing Xing, the famous giant panda.

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