According to the «exceptional» heat wave, Yorkshire Zoo will close the following week.

  For rangers to spend time caring for the animals amid what is expected to be a record-breaking heatwave, a well-known zoo is closing its doors to visitors.

 The public will not be able to enter Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which is close to Doncaster, on Monday, July 18, and Tuesday, July 19, when temperatures are predicted to be above 40°C.  Before the temperature dropped on Wednesday, forecasters issued a red weather warning, indicating that there is a risk to life at the start of the following week.


   A representative for the Met Office stated: «On Monday and Tuesday, exceptionally high temperatures—possibly even records—are likely. For the UK, nights are also likely to be unusually warm. This is especially true in urban areas. Widespread effects on both people and infrastructure are probably going to result from this. Beginning on Wednesday, a decline in temperature is anticipated.»



To help students cope with the heat, several have decided to seal their doors to the public, while some schools have altered uniform policies. Following suit, the wildlife park posted an explanation of its decision to close on its Facebook page.

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