This is what is like when you meet love and nature together.

With our human eyes, what appears to be a hug is actually a doe grooming session. This is still an important social activity that allows deer in the herd to maintain links while also being able to remove some parasites. The dominant stag or doe usually starts the grooming session.

A fox tenderly cuddled his mother. These tender moments between the parents and the cubs never cease to amaze me. Parents not only show tenderness, but also unwavering patience in the face of their children’s insatiable desire to play.


A brown bear searches the shores for salmon. While the number of salmon in Hokkaido has steadily declined over the years, this year has seen a significant drop. Fortunately, the oaks have produced a large number of acorns this year, and many bears have preferred to avoid the rivers and shores in order to concentrate in the oak forests…


Two cubs are curled up on the soft moss of a branch. A few meters away, their mother is also resting. The cold creeps up on you gradually. They will follow their mother for the long winter sleep after enjoying their first hot season full of discoveries…

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