Saved from a Snare and being blinded by a spear.

Two creatures were injured by human hands one afternoon. After reports of an elephant who had been speared and a giraffe who had been captured in the Mara, Sky Vets were given this task. The first patient had one eye permanently lost to sight, but both patients will survive.

Dr. Poghon, a veterinarian with KWS, was picked up in Nairobi by the SWT chopper, who then took him directly to the Mara. The elephant was first on stage. The team gathered in the waiting vehicle as soon as the helicopter’s pilot touched down. The bull passed away from the anesthesia in a dense bushy area, which made treatment very difficult.

When the team arrived at the bull, they discovered two large spear wounds flanking his right eye. Unfortunately, an even greater tragedy lay within: the spear had severed the optic nerve, resulting in permanent blindness. While the bull will never be able to see out of that eye again, the team was able to successfully treat the wounds, and Dr. Poghon is confident that he will otherwise recover completely.

After finishing their first treatment, the team drove to the giraffe, which was being watched over by Naboisho Conservancy rangers. She was wearing a large snare around her neck, with a long length of wire trailing behind her. Dr. Poghon yanked her out of the car, and treatment began in the middle of the Mara plains.

This treatment was more successful because the snare was still relatively new and had not yet tightened around the giraffe’s neck. Because there was no wound, the team was able to remove the wire with relative ease. «We’ve seen the lethal consequences of a snare left unattended for too long, so everyone felt enormous relief to reach this beautiful female in time,» said the team that cared for the animals. She walked off into the Mara plains, tall, regal, and, most importantly, snare-free.

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