Kitten saved from the M18 near Doncaster

A traffic officer had to stop traffic to save a kitten that had become lost on the central reservation.

The little black cat was sighted by Gavin Buffam of National Highways on July 4 on the M18 in the direction of Doncaster between junctions 6 and 7.

After seeing the cat, drivers alerted the emergency services, which prompted Mr. Buffam to look into it.

He managed to pick up the mog, now named Smudge, and set up a mobile roadblock to stop traffic.


Smudge was «a feisty little animal,» according to Mr. Buffam, who added: «I discovered it up against the concrete central reservation.» For the safety of me, other road users, and of course the kitten, another crew initiated a rolling blockade to halt the flow of traffic so I could attempt to get it. When I moved to grab it, unfortunately, it ran off.

Eventually, I was able to grab it.

Smudge did not, although, seem instantly appreciative.

It attempted to bite my fingers many times while it was in the car, according to Mr. Buffam.

Smudge was finally at ease and taken to the agency’s depot. After that, it was brought to the residence of one of Mr. Buffam’s coworkers where it was fed and cleaned.


According to Mr. Buffam, it will be carried to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) to be checked for a microchip in an effort to reunite it with its owner.

Smudge will be nicknamed Little Gav in honor of its rescuer if it turns out to be a male.

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