At Disney World, service dog Nala enjoys the best life.

Multiple tasks are assigned to service animals. They serve as a low vision person’s seeing eyes at times. Some pets help owners remind them when to take their medications. Others provide their owners with pleasure that could be obtained any other way. They are making a hundred times more enjoyable and peaceful for thousands of people every day.

One of that priceless animals is Nala. Megan Leigh, who trained Nala the service dog to assist her with her autism and other medical challenges, views her as a priceless friend and supporter. Nala, though, wasn’t willing to stand beside Megan. The Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland People Mover is a favorite attraction for our furry pal. Nala, according to Megan, enjoys the sensation of the breeze on her fragile face. Nala enjoys more than just the rides at Disney. “She shares my passion for princesses and is quite famous in the parks,” Megan says.

Megan stated of her adorable dog, «Many of [the princesses] recognize her because we are annual pass holders.» «They constantly greet Nala,” “It’s wonderful to see you once more”.

 She is well known among the cast at Disney World, where the two frequently travel. She can be seen cuddling close to actors portraying Donald Duck, Ariel the mermaid, Jack Sparrow, and other characters while waiting in line for attractions. The photos made everyone’s day, without exception. 

Oh, and Nala is, in fact, named after the lioness from «The Lion King»! She is named after Simba’s friend who one day becomes his queen. Megan takes good care of Nala. Megan takes care to dress Nala appropriately when they are in the Disney World theme parks.

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